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Privacy Policy

Last update at 11/17/2020

1) Presentation

GNPapers is the application (or program) provided by GN1 Sistemas e Publicações Ltda for academic publications and associations (in this document as "publisher").

This document is provided by GN1 and describes how GNPapers does to collect, receive, classify, use, access, reproduce, transmit, distribute, process, archive, store, eliminate, evaluate, control access to information, its modification, communication, transfer, diffusion, or extraction. More details about GN1 policy at this link. For a complete overview of how your personal data is processed, see the publisher's privacy policy. Your personal data in GNPapers is under the control of each publisher, who acts as its controller. GN1 acts as an operator of the data, treating it in GNPapers according to each publisher's instructions. Your personal data is basically information that identifies you, the holder.

In this document, the terms "we" or "our" refer to GNPapers. Terms like "you" or "yours" are related to the GNPapers user, reader of this document.

2) Personal data collected

The following personal data is collected from users at registration: Full name, e-mail, and telephone. Other data may be collected from third-party services that operate integrated with GNPapers upon your consent.

All your actions are recorded, as well as and your session-related data, such as IP and browser information.

GNPapers operates based on cookies to store your session data on the system, such as name and access identifier. The fact of registering, logging in, or using GNPapers implies agreeing to store cookies in your browser.

GN1 uses logs from web servers, cookies, and other technologies to improve the product and solve problems.

3) Use of personal data collected - Treatment

GN1 processes personal data on GNPapers only to provide our services to publishers. We do not use them for our own purposes. Publishers use GNPapers to manage their workflow, for example, to send e-mails regarding submission, review, and other activities in the editorial flow.

Publishers can choose to activate tools integrated with GNPapers that assist in detecting plagiarism, in part using the processing of their personal data.

Publishers can use their contact information for press releases related to the magazine.

Each publisher is responsible for obtaining their consent to send e-mail marketing communications and for managing their preferences. You can consult the publisher's privacy information for a complete understanding of how your personal data is managed on GNPapers.

4) Sharing personal data with third parties

Your personal data on GNPapers are accessed by:

  • GN1 employees and contractors whose professional role requires access to your data. Both are under confidentiality with legal data protection obligations.
  • GN1 providers of hosting server services, web services, and databases. Any suppliers of these are under confidentiality contracts with legal data protection obligations.
  • The publishers who are the "controllers" of your personal data can share it with other organizations and individuals with their respective privacy policies.
  • Your data may be transferred to third parties as a result of incorporations, aggregation of companies, or any corporate events involving GN1.
  • We will disclose your data in the event of a judicial petition, according to Art. 7, VI of the General Brazilian Protection Law.

5) Data security

GN1 uses the best in security and development, employing privacy by default in the modeling of our products, in addition to encryption in the transfer of data between client and server, hosting services in internationally renowned companies, and security practices in all development stages from conception to publication.

However, we do not guarantee the safety of those authorized by the publisher to use the system.

GN1 keeps your personal data stored on servers in Brazil and the United States.

6) Data retention period

The retention period will be while the publisher uses GNPapers. If the contract is breached/terminated, your personal data will be removed from our servers within 60 days.

7) About the holder rights

From the user registration area in the system, you can:

  • Change your registration information;
  • Confirm the treatment and request the recovery of the entire history of actions performed by the user in the system;
  • Revoke consent to services integrated to third parties;
  • Request the removal of your personal data.

If you ask to remove your data, your e-mail and phone number will be deleted from the system. Your name will be removed if you have not taken any action on the system.

All data included by you related to the activities mentioned below, including your name, will be kept for tracking by the publisher:

  • Article submission (author);
  • Article evaluation (reviewer);
  • Decision on article (editor);

8) Future changes

We may update this document from time to time and will communicate changes before they become effective.

9) Contact us

It is recommended that you first contact the publisher about questions or requests regarding the use of your data. Suppose there is any suspicion of an act contrary to this policy or the legislation in force. In that case, the personal data holder may report the suspicious action directly to GN1 through the following e-mail: